Buyer's Agents: frequently Asked Questions

What does a buy's agent do?

Buyer's agents are a wealth of knowledge providing your the information and tools you need to find the perfect home. They are agents that search for homes on and off the MLS and show any properties that are of interest to you. Buyer's agents will write an offer on your behalf and guide you through the closing process.

What does it cost me (the buyer) to use a buyer's agent?

It is 100% free to use a buyer's agent. In florida, the seller pays the listing broker who them pays a portion of their commission to the selling (or buyer's) agent.

Where does an agent look, besides the MLS, for properties to show me?

A good buyer's agent will look outside of the MLS such as for sale by owner properties, website, and heavily network top producing agents to find pocket listings which are listings not currently on the market, but are available for sale.

Can a buyer's agent help me with financing?

A buyer's agent will be able to recommend several lenders you could speak with in order to get pre-approved. An agent will not decide which lender you use however, that decision is yours to make.


How do I write an offer on a property?

When you've found the property you love and are ready to take the next step, contact your agent and tell them you want to put an offer on a property. Once prepared your agent will then present the offer to the listing agent to review with the seller. Since your agent is your advocate, be sure to find one that is knowledgeable and professional representing you in the best possible light.